Florida Boating Accidents Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

Florida Boating Accidents, Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

According to The Coast Guard’s 2016 Recreational Boating Statistics tragically, there were 70 boat fatality occurred when a jet ski collided with a boat in Clearwater, Florida. Collisions are the number one cause for fatalities. A boating accident qualifies as “reportable” to the FWC if it meets one of the following five criteria:
Boating accidents, wrongful death lawyer, New Port Richey, Hudson, Spring Hill, Brooksville, FL
related deaths in 2015-2016. Recently on our own Gulf Coast a
  • A fatality occurs
  • A person disappears under circumstances that indicate possible death or injury
  • A person receives an injury requiring medical treatment beyond immediate first aid
  • There is at least $2,000 aggregate property damage to the vessel or other property
  • There is a total loss of the vessel
Boating or Watercraft Fatalities and Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Florida

If you have experienced the tragic loss of a family member in a boat or watercraft accident, it is wise to seek representation from a wrongful death attorney. A wrongful death lawsuit serves to hold the responsible party liable for the fatality and provide compensation for your loss. Immediately after the loss of  a loved no one is thinking about compensation. How do you compensate for such a loss?  Considering your legal options following the death of a loved one after any accident is difficult at best. If you do decide to hire a Florida personal injury attorney to seek compensation for injuries or death as a result of a boating accident, look for a compassionate, experienced Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer. Doyle, McCabe, Uccello Personal Injury Trial Lawyers will work for you and with you to protect the best interests of your family's future.

As with other lawsuits, the Florida Statutes dictates how personal injury and negligence claims are to be handled. In a boating accident, negligence must be proven. In a collision with another vessel, the operator's actions or inactions must point to negligence. See FS Chapter 768.81.

Financial Recovery Wrongful Death

No one can replace a loved one. Yet, the unfortunate truth is that in addition to the anguish suffered, there are usually significant financial consequences when a family member perishes in an accident. The personal injury attorneys at Doyle, McCabe, Uccello can provide a free case review to help you understand what those financial losses may be. If you decide to go forward with a wrongful death lawsuit, we will aggressively pursue fair and adequate compensation for the loss you have experienced.  Call 727-824-5727 or click here to request a free case review.

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